The television airdates of the II Éva Marton International Singing Competition

21 October 2016

Channel M5 of MTVA, the umbrella organisation for the Hungarian public service media, will be airing both the final and the documentary on the II Éva Marton International Singing Competition on 26 October.

The M5 airdate of the event produced based on the live, ten-camera recording of the final and the winner announcement of the contest (creative producer: Imre Szabó Stein, director: Eszter Petrovics, technical director: Gergely Lakatos) is 26 October, 19:55.

The transmission of the competition is a milestone in the history of the Liszt Academy, as the programme – coordinated by the Communications Directorate and accomplished by the Audiovisual Studio (AVISO) of the Academy with the audiovisual technological and studio equipment procured within the framework of the Liszt Academy renewal project, – will be broadcast at prime time by the public television. This way, not only the internet viewership but also the television audiences will be reached by the event and its organisers. It is important to add, however, that the version transmitted on TV is a fruit of a long and painstaking post-production process since the original material had to be somewhat shortened and made richer than the online version by means of colour grading and additional camera shots.

Immediately following this, at 22:15, a 55-minunte documentary of the vocal contest will be broadcast, which was produced by MTVA on the request of the Liszt Academy (director: Csaba Varga Zs. editor: Katalin Mészáros). The film capturing both happy and quite dramatic backstage moments as well as glimpses into the making of the competition features Éva Marton, the members of the jury, the hosts and some of the contestants, among others, our very own Lilla Horti.  

The full-length recording of the final and the winner announcement as well as the MTVA documentary will also be available online on the competition website, at as of the end of October.