Online application is now open

10 January 2014

If you are planning to upload your application material, please read through carefully the following user's guide.


  1. We recommend using Mozilla Firefox.
  2. Before you start filling out the application form, have a look at the "captcha" (verification code), and make sure that you can read the page. If you cannot, please, reload it.
  3. Please, note that you are supposed to fill in all the fields. Therefore, before you get started, check whether all the documents you will need are available.
  4. Make sure that the documents you want to attach are in the proper file formats. We accept only jpg, mp4 and pdf or doc (even docx will not be accepted!) files.
  5. We would like to remind you that the arias 1-7 should all be different. However, arias A and B can be listed again among 1-7. For the sake of simplicity we suggest that you copy all data you will need for the application (you can even copy arias from the repertoire list), and paste them from there in the specific fields of the application form. We suggest that the files you will attach should be saved in a separate folder, thus it will be easier to find them.
  6. Please, remember that the Competition accepts only one properly filled out application from everyone. Based on different criteria we automatically filter the applicants who try to apply several times, for example, by using non-existing e-mail addresses. Moreover, the successfully sent applications will be checked by the Competition Secretary. It goes without saying that people with successfully uploaded but invalid applications will not be invited for the autumn 2014 live competition.
  7. Depending on the uploading speed of your internet connection and the sizes of the video files the uploading procedure might take from several minutes to more than half an hour. Therefore, we recommend the followings: 

- Choose online application only if you have a broadband internet connection.

- The best is to upload files that are between 50 and 100 MB, and optimized for the Internet. (The system does not accept videos bigger than 250 MB per file).

- Until you get a feedback, do not change page, and do not burden your Internet connection by surfing in another window. 

If you kept these in mind and you still can not manage to apply online, try it again, but DO NOT USE the undo button of your browser. Download the application form again by clicking on it in the menu, or on the link you can find on the sidebar. If you do not get any feedback on the error, read this manual again.

If you haven't receive the confirmation email to your registered email address, your application was not succesful, please try again to fill out the form!

If you suspect that your internet connection is unable to upload the files, please, send your material your complete application material to the postal address of the Secretariat of the I. International Éva Marton Singing Competition. The application form you can download from this link, the suggested repertoire list you can find by clicking here.