The Liszt Academy

Founded in 1875, the Liszt Academy is  the only institution bearing the name of Ferenc Liszt which the great composer himself had an active role in establishing. The academy, which has been functioning for more than 140 years, is the main bastion of music   teaching and musicology in Hungary. The Grand Hall, boasting unparalleled acoustics, is a legendary concert venue in the Art Nouveau concert palace on Liszt Ferenc Square. The institution earned itself a reputation globally both as a university and a concert centre. The restored organ of the Grand Hall moved back to its original place after 50 years in 2018. With the Voit organ, not only the Liszt Academy, music education in general, but also Hungary as a country is enriched with a globally unparalleled organ treasure.

The founder also defined the mission of the Liszt Academy. The unique performing career, the compositions combining music traditions with a progressive approach, and the far-reaching, altruistic personality of Ferenc Liszt frames a heritage on which the music teaching of the Liszt    Academy has been able to sustain itself to the present day, and which serves as a benchmark for the very highest professional standards. The university considers its primary objectives to be the creation of the music of the future as well as nurturing traditions.