Almost 100 singers in the III International Éva Marton Singing Competition

12. April 2018

The pre-jury has reached a decision: 59 women and 35 men representing 31 countries make it through to the live rounds in September 2018.

On the basis of the decision of the pre-jury headed by Éva Marton, more applicants than ever in the history of the competition, 94 young singers can test their skills at the contest with total prize money of more than €42,000 being organized in September 2018. Around 30 nations are represented at the 3rd International Éva Marton Singing Competition: alongside 10 singers from Hungary there are competitors from almost all continents, including a dozen of European countries, South Korea, Brazil, South Africa, as well as young gifted singers from the United States may take part in the rounds in the autumn. The Liszt Academy hosts the rounds and for the first time, the gala, too, all open to the public between 10-16 September 2018. Due to live Internet streaming, the most exciting moments of the competition can be followed throughout Hungary and anywhere in the world.

The Competition Secretariat is going to contact all qualified competitors during the forthcoming days and we hope to meet them soon in Budapest.

The following applicants passed through the online qualifying round of the III Éva Marton International Singing Competition:

Ács Gabriella Hungary Soprano
Ádám Zsuzsanna Csilla Hungary Soprano
Alatis Lieke Vasiliki Greece Soprano
Bakhritdinova-Kravchuk Kseniya Ukraine Soprano
Balis Vassos Greece Baritone/Bass-baritone
Baptista Beatriz Brazil Mezzo-Soprano/Alto
Baranyai Anett Hungary Soprano
Bardachova Anastasiia Ukraine Soprano
Bardon Antal Hungary Tenor/CounterTenor
Barić Anabela Croatia Soprano
Benabdallah Yanis Hungary Tenor/CounterTenor
Bublik Aleksey Russia Baritone/Bass-baritone
Byambajav Mongolkhuu Mongolia Baritone/Bass-baritone
Bychkova Anna Ukraine Mezzo-Soprano/Alto
Campsall Christina Canada Mezzo-Soprano/Alto
Chelekhova Ekaterina Canada Soprano
Chen Yibao China Soprano
Chuluunbaatar Badral Mongolia Baritone/Bass-baritone
Day Natasha United Kingdom Soprano
Diadiv Olha Ukraine Soprano
Duc Hoang Long Ninh Vietnam Tenor/CounterTenor
Dyakov Alexander Russia Baritone/Bass-baritone
Fayzulina Yulia Russia Mezzo-Soprano/Alto
Fedoriy Inna Ukraine Soprano
Fomina Iuliia Russia Mezzo-Soprano/Alto
Forgács Péter Hungary Bass
Fülep Máté Hungary Baritone/Bass-baritone
Gamrot Marta Poland Soprano
Gorlo Elena Russia Mezzo-Soprano/Alto
Guy Rolando Italy / Argentina Tenor/CounterTenor
Guzman Juan Enrique Mexican Tenor/CounterTenor
Hadzetskyy Yuriy Ukraine Baritone/Bass-baritone
Havár- Ferenczy Anna Vivien Hungary Soprano
Hořejšová Tereza Czech Republic Soprano
Imai Ayane Japan Soprano
Jessen Syrinx Holland Soprano
Jin Jiujie China Mezzo-Soprano/Alto
Khuzina Iliusa Russia Soprano
Kim Sunghyun South Korea Tenor/CounterTenor
Kim Bongjung South Korea Baritone/Bass-baritone
Kiss Adam United States Bass
Kohoutová Zuzana Czech Republic Soprano
Kolosova Liliia Russia Mezzo-Soprano/Alto
Kordzaia Tamta Georgia Soprano
Kouwenhoven Esther Holland Soprano
Kubheka Bongani South Africa Baritone/Bass-baritone
Kukhar Nataliia Ukraine Soprano
Kushlyk Mykhailo Ukraine Tenor/CounterTenor
Lahti Minna-Leena Finland Soprano
Lam Chun Ting China - Hong Kong Baritone/Bass-baritone
Lara Villanueva Ernesto Adrian Peru Tenor/CounterTenor
Lebedyantseva Anastasia Russia Mezzo-Soprano/Alto
Lee Hojoun South Korea Baritone/Bass-baritone
Lee Jason United States Tenor/CounterTenor
Lee Jooyeon South Korea Soprano
Lee Junbum South Korea Tenor/CounterTenor
Liauchuk Marharyta Belarusia Soprano
Lin Qianyun China Soprano
Lys Marie Switzerand Soprano
Matei Olesia  Ukraine Mezzo-Soprano/Alto
Mateianu Daniel Romania Bass
Medina Rojas Juan José Paraguay Tenor/CounterTenor
Megyimórecz Ildikó Lilla Hungary Soprano
Menaszek Ewa Poland Mezzo-Soprano/Alto
Muzychenko Iuliia Russia Soprano
Niiranen Veera Annina Finland Soprano
Nikolaev Sergei Russia Tenor/CounterTenor
Nikolaieva Kseniia Ukraine Mezzo-Soprano/Alto
Nurmukhametova Diana Russia Soprano
Okońska-Ratajczak Hanna Poland Soprano
Pak Joon Ho South Korea Tenor/CounterTenor
Pluzhnikova Valentyna Ukraine Mezzo-Soprano/Alto
Polova Alina Ukraine Soprano
Proszek Daria Poland Mezzo-Soprano/Alto
Ra Hayoung South Korea Soprano
Salas Galeano United States Tenor/CounterTenor
Sandkamm Freja Denmark Soprano
Shapovalova Anna Russia Soprano
Sherzai Leila Ukraine Soprano
Shim Gyuyeon South Korea Soprano
Soina Elizaveta Russia Soprano
Süle Dalma Hungary Soprano
Tan JingXing China Tenor/CounterTenor
Tatsyshyn Nazar Ukraine Tenor/CounterTenor
Tse Jessie United Kingdom Soprano
Ushanova Iryna Ukraine Soprano
Vardanyan Gagik Armenia Baritone/Bass-baritone
Vargas Yasmini Brazil Soprano
Vinogradov Anton Russia Baritone/Bass-baritone
Yang Jinxia China Mezzo-Soprano/Alto
Yende Nombulelo South Africa Soprano
Yoo Jung Woo South Korea Tenor/CounterTenor
Zharmagambetov Rassul Kazakhstan Baritone/Bass-baritone
Zhdanov Denys Ukraine Baritone/Bass-baritone