Live Rounds

Candidates prepare 1 Liszt-song plus altogether 7 opera arias. Arias for the Final should be selected from the competition's opera list to be found here. (Would you be unable to find suitable arias for yourself, please contact the secretariat immediately by e-mail indicating your suggested choice.)



1 Liszt-song and 2 arias representing different styles and characters

Next to the Liszt-song Candidates will present 1 of the two arias up to their choice, the second aria will only be sung if requested so by the Jury.



2 arias representing different styles and characters

Candidates will present both.



3 arias representing different styles and characters

1 chosen by the Candidate and 1 by the Jury.


All pieces are to be sung from memory, in the original key and original language, and in full version (including recitativo, cabaletta, stretta if appropriate).

All selected arias are to be listed on the application form.

Competitors may change their listed programme till 31 May 2018.

The Competition organizers might request changes – e.g. due to non-availability of orchesta material – till 30 June 2018.


The order of performance is decided by drawing lots. On 10 September 2018, in the presence of all the competitors, the youngest participant will draw the number of the first performer to appear in front of the Jury. The first contestant will be followed by the others in alphabetical order till to the end of the alphabet and restart from the beginning till everybody has appeared. This order of appearance is valid during the whole competition.

If in the Preliminaries a contestant appears late through no fault of his/her own, the Jury can give permission that he/she performs at the end of the round. If a contestant cannot appear in the succeeding rounds at the appointed time, the Jury can permit him/her to perform at another time.


Candidates will be evaluated by points throughout the competition, but the points are strictly confidential. The Competition Secretariat announces the list of the competitors qualified for the next stage in alphabetical order.

There is no appeal to the verdict of the Jury.